Thursday, June 4, 2009

Could Acne Be Cured?

I believe that you been told countless times; be it at by the dermatologists, friends, relatives or even by many acne sufferers out there in the net, that acne cannot be cured and that it can only be treated.

Actually I even told the readers of my blog the same thing but if I tell you NOW that acne can actually be cured, would you believe me ? Well, I am not pulling your legs but it is indeed true that acne can actually be cured.

Why do we have a general consensus that acne cannot be cured? It is due to the method we use to tackle our acne problem. Most of the acne problems out there are being tackled with medicines or drugs that focus to remove acne symptoms; be it topically or orally. These acne treatment methods are recommended by dermatologists, health care practitioners and also by those acne sufferers who have successfully keep their acne at bay. Surely they can't be wrong, can they?

Of course, treating acne with focus on the acne symptoms such as the pimples, zits, blackheads, whiteheads or cysts could successfully get rid of the acne lesions as long as we continuously and stick to our acne treatment regimen day in and day out of our lives. The moment we stop our acne treatment, the acne lesions will pop out all over our face and skin unless the system in our bodies have decided to pop those acne lesions out on our skin. So that is the reason why we always say that acne cannot be cured.

If we really want to cure our acne, then we have to shift our focus in tackling acne to the root cause that makes acne to break out on our once flawless complexion. Most of the time, pimples are caused by high level of toxin accumulated in our bodies and for most acne sufferers, these toxins are being released to the external through the skin in the form of acne lesions.

To get rid of the high level of toxicity in our blood and lymph node systems, we need to conduct a cleansing and detoxification process. Here, a good cleansing colon system coupled with a liver and kidneys strengthening regimen would not only able to detoxify our bodies but also able to restore and strengthen our immune system.

A herb combination that consists of Burdock, Chickweed, Yellow Dock, Cascara Sagrada, Oregon Grape, and Fenugreek would be able to do an excellent job in cleansing one's badly toxified body. So is a liver cleansing formula that consists of Dandelion root, Parsley herb, Chamomile flowers, Gentian root, Black cohost root, Birch leaves, Horsetail herb etc. This liver cleansing formula can cleanse, detoxify and nourish our immune system and restore one's digestive system.

Once we are done with the detox system, we can further build up our immune system with probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

You might ask, "if detox system is so effective in curing acne, why don't professionals recommend it?" Well, it will work if and only if you have the confidence and patience to stick to the regimen for months. To tell you the truth, it is not an easy thing to do as during the course of the regimen, it is best to restrict our diets to mostly fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water. Coupled with the fact that we don't see instant result ( I really mean that as it might take a long time - months for the result to be seen), most acne sufferers would ditch these sort of magical acne cure!

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